All You Need To know About Section 377 and SC Verdict

All You Need To know About Section 377 and SC Verdict

UPDATED: September 22, 2018

What is Section 377?

Section 377 of IPC (Indian Penal Court) Says “Whoever caught while doing intercourse un-naturally (With any Man, Woman or An Animal), will be punished with imprisonment of 10 years or big Fine”. Even the British Law back to 1861, believes this a crime doing the physical activities against the order of Nature.

In 2009, the High Court Judge explained the Section 377 as the Violation of Human Fundamental Rights. Then, some religious Groups asked SC for Direction against the Verdict. But, in 2013 the SC Again Over-ruled the Delhi High Court’s Order by saying that parliaments job was scrap laws. Though after this decision, the SC was highly criticised.

Now, in 2018, SC Assured everyone by saying that a Group of 5 Judges will sit and reconsider the 2013 verdict and will be taking a meaningful decision without any fear.

Supreme Court Verdict on Section 377?

SC made History on this Thursday 2018, by giving a verdict on Section 377. SC Includes by saying “Intercourse with the same gender in men is not a Crime. This is natural and uncontrollable”. On 6th Sept 2018, SC took this is a decision by saying that Private time with a partner with the same gender in men stands decriminalized. This decision was taken under the guidance of 5 Judges and they signed the verdict without any fear. Now, Homosexual gets the legal approval and clear recognition. This is taken after reading the 158-years old law and allowed adults with same gender a private time.


Many People in India are appreciating this decision and now that particular community can live their own personal life without any kind of fear and hitch. They will be recognized by the society and equal right will be given the same as that of a regular citizen of India. People are considering this one of the greatest decisions taken by the Supreme Court and this is historic. SC judges again approved that India is the Country of Freedom and Democracy is the priority of Each Citizen of India.

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