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Capsule Gill: Know Everything About Him | Saved 64 Coal Miners

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PUBLISHED: November 17, 2018

Sikhs are the live examples of sacrificing lives for others since the very beginning. 29 years ago, a Sikh named Jaswant Singh Gill put his own life in danger but saved 64 miners.

Let’s begin with this heroic story of Mr. Gill. 64 miners were trapped below the ground and a large diameter borehole was drilled. Mr. Singh went down through that borehole and managed to save all those coal miners.

capsule gill

Image Credits: The Tribune

The whole incident took place on 13th November 1989 and Mr. Gill explains everything by memorizing the historic incident at Mahavir Colliery of Eastern Coal Field. His words:

There were 220 miners working at the site, 6 of them lost their lives and those closest to the lift were quickly pulled out while 64 still remained trapped

Mr. Gill was appointed as Additional Chief Mining Engineer at the Raniganj area of West Bengal. The whole plan was planned and conducted by Gill Himself. It was 9 am on 16 Nov. 1989 when the whole team of 65 including Gill were taken out.

His words

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