ISRO Launches PSLV: C42 alongside 2 UK Satellites

ISRO Launches PSLV: C42 alongside 2 UK Satellites

PUBLISHED: September 17, 2018

Some Good News from ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). ISRO PSLV C42 was launched alongside 2 UK Satellites. The PSLV Stands for Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. The total Weight of both the satellites is 889KG and the launch was carried by an arrangement between Surry Satellite Technologies Limited (SSTL) and ISRO’s Official and commercial Arm Antrix Corporation Limited.

Being an S-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), NovaStar plays a Great role on Forest Mapping, Land use and Ice Cover Monitoring, Flood and Climate Monitoring as well. The major features of this SAR are, it has wide Swath Area of 400-Km to enable monitoring of the marine environment and the direct radar ship detection. It also identifies and tracks any seagoing Vessels.

Being a High-Resolution Optical Earth Observation Satellite, S1-4 is used to monitor the surveying resources, environment monitoring, urban management and any natural climate too.


Just before the Launch, Mr S Somanath, Director of Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSCC), shared his Happiness by Saying

“When I Joined ISRO in 1985, the PSLV was still on paper, and the only rocket we had was SLV-3, and the ASLV was Struggling with the People Ridiculing us and asking when it will reach space. It had earned the moniker of Always Sea Launch Vehicle as it Kept Failing and landing in the water. To See PSLV Grow from an idea to become ISRO’s workhorse is a great feeling.”

He Further Gave Information by saying that the Launch Time has its own story. It required a particular imaging and illusions and that is why it is launched at night.

The PSLV-C42 was only the third launch after the Great Failure due to heat shield it encountered in August Month. If we talk about the separated parts of the Satellite, the first stage took 2 minutes to separate after it gets launched and while the fourth Stage, it took 17 minutes to get separated. After these separations at several time, the satellite reached its desired Sun Synchronous Orbit.

This is ISRO’s First commercial launch in these months and ISRO Antrix hopes for More in Future. On the other hand, the official earning of Space Earnings is not being shown and it actually earned 5600 Crore.

Only 10% to 20% of earnings were covered by launch services like the recent one and most percentages of profit were earned by the marketing products and services.

If We talk about the ISRO Clients, there are 84 using its Communication and the major ones are Reliance and Television Groups like Sun Network. Before this launch, ISRO launched 99 Satellites and 69 were foreign satellites.

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