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UPDATED: October 11, 2018

Diet Plan

People are getting active towards their health. They are changing their diet plan. Everyone wants fitness and they can do anything to get fit. There are mainly three things in fitness: Time, Dedication and Money. In most of the cases, people have two of these but some have all three. In this blog, I am going to tell you about the fitness trick which is free of cost.

There are three times we have food in the daily diet plan. But the amount of meal we have is not healthy for the body. The maximum protein our body need is double of the body weight. Let’s take an example, someone has 70kg body weight then he needs 140 grams of protein on daily basis. But we already know that we don’t take that accordingly. Moreover, if you have three times diet plan then you need to take the breakfast heavy, lunch little less and dinner as less as possible.  You can have one day of fast in a week to keep your body healthy.  The ideal diet plan says that we should eat something in every 2 hours. This does not mean that you can eat anything you like. Only food which is healthier the body you should take. Eat less but eat in every 2 hours.

Add the things which have proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals in your daily diet. You can have one apple daily which can help to keep the doctor away. Have 6 -7 glass of water every day keep your body hydrated. Some people are spending a lot of money to lose their body fat. This is not at all a good thing to do. Our body needs an equal quantity of GOOD FAT and BAD FAT. This is because, in the time when we get sick and cannot have our regular diet, the bad fat helps us to get recover as soon as possible.

So guys keep one thing in your mind ‘Health is Wealth’ and takes the steps wisely if it is a question of your health.

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