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Stock Market Trade Types

UPDATED: October 17, 2018

Interested in Stock Market? Get the complete information about the Stock Market Trade Types. You can have an idea whether to go for it or does not.

Now, You See the question arises that What Stock Marketing Trade Types You want to become? Different Stock Market Trade Types tend different Personalities. It is totally up to your knowledge.

Stock Market Trade Types:

1.Day Trading:

Day Trade Means the Buying and Selling of Financial Instruments are done on the same day and all the tradings are closed on the same day. The trader who is active one is called as day traders. This type is advisable for the Beginners.

Day Trading Types:

  • Arbitrage: In this, the slight difference is kept at the prices. Naturally, if there are two sellers and one is keeping the price little lower as compared to other, that means there will be high selling of product by the first seller.
  • Market Making: Some Major Stock Exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and American Stock Exchange (AMEX), NASDAQ Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange (LSE), appoint the market makers. They do the bid rate work for the Stock Exchange.
  • Momentum Day Trading: In this, trade is made during a great trending movement and the trade is closed as the day ends.
  • Pattern Trading: This is just a representation of Market Behaviour. We, the stock marketing, keeps going up and down. This just shows the recurring designs or figurative diagrams. This keeps the picture clear about the profit or losses case.
  • Scalping: This is trading and profiting technique. This is no doubt a day trading strategy. Taking quick and small profits like from 100 traders is the only task of this type.
  • Rebate Trading: In this, the commission is directly paid by the service provider instead of commission by buying or selling. The primary source of profit is ECN Rebate.
  • Price Action Trading: This “Stock Marketing Type” can be of the small period of time like for a minute, five minutes, thirty or sixty minutes. The trade is closed on the same day.
  • Swing Trading: As the Name suggests that it comes in the role when trading swings and ends when the price swing ends. This Ends on the Same Day.

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