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Tips To Overcome Insomnia

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UPDATED: August 25, 2018


Insomnia or sleep apnea is the position of Feeling Struggle in Sleeping or Not having Feel of Sleeping. There can be several reasoning for this position and Follow are some of the tips to Get rid of Insomnia or Sleep Apnea:

Tips For Sleep Apnea

  1. Wake up at the Same Time Every Day:

There is a thing called as Circadian Clock in one of our body, this is actually a feeling. Because of this feeling we feel Sleepy in the Night and Active for Whole Day. This actually Keeps our Wakeup and Sleep Time Consistent. Even, it is s Holiday and you feel to take sleep 2 Hours More. Instead, wake up 2 hours early so that you can get rid of insomnia at the end of the Holiday and your Circadian Clock can work Properly for the Next Week.

  1. Avoid Caffeine After 2 p.m.:

Caffeine Products keep us active at work and we feel less sleep after intaking the Caffeine. It is good to be active at work but when its time to go to bed, never drink products having caffeine in it. If you are still addicted to it and then take the Caffeine products before 2P.M. It is experimented by the doctors that you should take products like coffee 6 hours before going to bed.

  1. If you Cannot Sleep get out of the Bed:

People nowadays Like to lye on Bed without any feeling of Sleep. This is a good reason and invitation to Sleep Apnea. Doctors say if you do not feel sleepy then simply get out of the bed and start doing something. Read Books, Watch T.V or even meditating can be done. GO to Bed only when your body feels to sleep. This can cure insomnia.

  1. Turn Down the Temperature:

This is natural that we feel sleepy in the environment with cooler ambience and this gives more comfortable sleep. Body starts producing the hormones in a cooler environment and these hormones help us sleep. Colder bedrooms help in improving the metabolism. Further, it depends on the comfort level on oneself.

  1. Limit your Napping:

Sleeping for Longer time Actually Kills the Sleep. We feel struggle to fall asleep if we have taken more than enough sleep. Make you sleeping our consistent maximum 8 hours a day that’s it. Nothing more than that.

  1. Skip the Drinks:

Now, this is a big issue. Drinking Alcohol is never a good idea. This becomes worst when it is consumed before going to bed. According to some studies, the person who drinks Alcohol before going to bed tends to wake up throughout the night without even knowing it. The reason can be, the alcohol prevents the portion of the nervous system from fully shutting down.

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