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Top 5 Richest Bollywood Actress

Bollywood News
PUBLISHED: November 18, 2018

Do you want to be Rich? Of course, Yes. Who does not? But, can you be that rich as that of Bollywood actresses? Certainly not. If we call them rich then we really mean it. A common man can not even imagine the property worth they owe. But today we will let you know the Top 5 Richest Bollywood Actress and you will be shocked when you come to know the worth of 1st actresses in the list.

Richest Bollywood Actress

5 Amrita Rao


Image Credits: TellyChakkar

She was one of the successful actresses of her time and was seen in many Bollywood movies. She earned very well and that counted into around Rs. 120 Crore of property.

4 Deepika Padukone


Image Credits: NewsX

A daughter of Top Golf Player, stunning actress, and darling of everyone’s heart Deepika Padukone is considered as the highest paid Bollywood actress. In a very short interval of time, she has contributed a lot into bolly-world. According to information, she owns the property of Rs. 150 Crores.

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