Win Paytm Cash Online | Baazi Now App Online Game

Win Paytm Cash Online | Baazi Now App

UPDATED: September 22, 2018


Win Paytm Cash Online

When the things come to winning the Free Cash, Everybody Smiles with great happiness on their faces. Everybody loves winning cash for FREE and it is said: “Numbers Make Everyone Happy”. Adding some more happiness, we are going to read out something really surprising in this happy article about “Win Paytm Cash Online”.

We are already familiar with some of the Live Games which let us win Paytm cash, but the cash is very less. On the other hand, there is an app called Baazi Now App, which is going viral Nowadays. This app is giving the Happiness to many faces every day and asking us the little investment of time and brain. The users can win up to Rs. 100 Paytm Cash in a day by just giving answers od the questions being asked while playing the game. The questions are not that much tough but cover the daily trends. So, you have to be that much smart and active for the daily trends. Let me dig some information about the Baazi Now App.

How to Play Baazi Now App?

The game is Basically divided into sub-game. There are 3 games, played under the Baazi Now: 1. Brain Baazi, 2. Bingo Baazi, 3. Pole Baazi. The Rules, money and anchors are totally different from each other. Let me explain the games one by one in detail:

  1. Brain Baazi:

Brain Baazi game pays us for our intelligence and GK (General knowledge). The Questions are not that much tough but it is all about the presence of mind and use of the brain. Following are some of the rules of the Game:

  1. 11 Questions are being asked.
  2. 10 seconds to answer each question.
  3. Users with wrong answers entered will be eliminated.
  4. 9th question is called, “The Kal Nayak Swaal”, the means everyone can play and answer this question and in return, the “New Life” will be given which can be used in the next game. Life Means, in case you enter a wrong answer, but still, you can continue in the game.
  5. 10th question is called “The Runners Up Swaal”. Who answers it right without using a life will get a share from Rs. 30,000.
  6. All giving the right answers to all 11 Questions, the winners get the share from Rs. 100,000 direct into their Paytm Wallet.
  7.  The game is played twice a day (At 1:00 PM & 8:30 PM)

Note: The announce an answer to a question before the game starts and it is called “Cheat Code”.


Megha Joshi- Baazi Now App

Megha Joshi- Baazi Now App



RJ Sukriti- Baazi Now App

                        RJ Sukriti- Baazi Now App


Farzeen Ali- Baazi Now App

Farzeen Ali- Baazi Now App


Mayur Gupta-Baazi Now App

Mayur Gupta-Baazi Now App

2. Bingo Baazi:

Well! This makes me remember of “Tambola” Game. This is the easiest one to play but oneself should have Great Luck Along. Let me explain the rules:

  1. A ticket is being generated. This means every player get 15 unique numbers.
  2. The Roulette (The Chakri) is being rotated and when it stops is shows a number. If any player is having the same number, He/she can press the number on its ticket.
  3. 6 Sec. to enter your Number.
  4. There are 3 rows in each ticket, if any rows get completed, the player wins Rs. 10 Paytm Cash.
  5. After completing the whole ticket, the player wins Rs. 25 Paytm Cash and that is called Houseful (All Rows Completion).
  6. This is played once a day (At 4:30 PM).

Note: The best thing is if you are joining the game after it gets started, you can even play too. You can see the number which is already taken out on the scoreboard and click those numbers in 6 secs. If they are on your ticket.


  1. Megha
  2. Sukruti
  3. Farzeen
  4. Mayur

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  1. Pole Baazi:

As the name suggests everything, “The Pole “. In this, 8 questions are asked but the best and the toughest too, the thing is no answer is wrong. In this, the answer with the majority is considered as the right one. This makes the game confusing as well as tough. Let be share the Rules:

  1. Total 8 questions are being asked.
  2. 10 sec. to enter the answer.
  3. The majority answer is considered the right answer.
  4. No Extra Life can be used.
  5. Winner gets the share for Rs. 10,000
  6. The Game is played twice a day. (At 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM)
  7. Only Android Users can Play.


a. Vidhi

b. Dev


Baazi Now App TeamBaazi Now App Team

Baazi Now App Team


So, guys, this was the best reliable Online Game to Win Paytm cash online. If you want to download this App and win Paytm Cash the Click here.

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