Woman Lost 60KGs Just By Drinking Her Own Urine

Woman Lost 60KGs Just By Drinking Her Own Urine

UPDATED: November 13, 2018

We all are looking for thousands of ways to stay fit, special when things turn to Lose fat. We start the following theories, diets, and exercise and much more advice shred by our friends and family. Moreover, taking advice from those people who already have loos their weight and have become so fit, is really kind of motivation. They already have their fitness stories and motivation itself.

Well, sometimes following every idea to stay fit and to lose weight, is not a good idea. Especially when it comes to drinking your own Urine. Sounds weird. Right? You may feel bad about it, but this solution really worked for a Canadian Woman.

This Canadian Woman had 120 KG and she lost 60 KG just by drinking her own Urine on daily basis. This woman named as Leah Sampson discovered this solution in the year 2013 and started adding this habit it on a daily routine.

She does not stop here. She even showers at night, brushes her teeth with urine, washes her hair, rinses her eyes and also cleanses her skin with her urine. OMG!! You Do Not believe this Right? Watch Her Video:

Here You can See Her Transformation. Look How Did she use to look and her Present Look? Incredible, Dedication and Hard work. This proves Ideas can lead to Magic, but if you believe in them.


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