Women Empowerment through Fitness | Health Tips

Women Empowerment through Fitness | Health Tips

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UPDATED: September 23, 2018

Women Empowerment is the term in the world which is taking place rapidly. People are educated and they ask for their rights. The things which once were not even taken in a positive way are now discussed and the positive aspects are taken out and people obey those things. Women empowerment does not only mean to be mentally strong but as well as physically strong. So becoming fit and strong as physical activates make them more powerful. Some physical activities like dancing make them strong physically as well as mentally. Dancing entertains them as well as develop them physically and mentally.

Pole dance is one of those examples. Pole dancing requires physical activities of women. Pole dance was considered as a dance which is done in clubs only. But today it is included in well-known dancing studios and some gym even have made it as an integral part of the training session. Pole dance is learned under well-trained people. The special outfit is even designed to wear while performing a POLE dance. Following are some benefits given below in appreciation to women for Pole dance:

  • Nimbleness like Cat: After learning the basics of Pole Dance moves, women tend to do more creative moves. This is because the confidence level increases after going through difficult and creative moves. This makes the women strong mentally and physically. So the women get the Nimbleness nature like the cat.

  • Ease at time of Pregnancy: The moves in POLE dance make the back and abdominal muscles so strong that the women feel less pain at the time of childbirth.
  • Physical Growth: Joining the pole dancing classes makes the women strong and does the physical growth. The muscles get stronger and the women can bear any wound easily and can recover from illness. Women can defend them from the outer threat.

  • Feel Stressed out: Women feels stressed out after burning calories. Even 30 minutes of the session can make them feel good and more dedication for themselves and their overall growth.

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